I contacted members of our community, both new and old, to find out what were some of their favorite memories during Crafthub's history.

The first memory comes from Crazher: "My favorite part of Crafthub was when everyone got together to build the spawns." When Crafthub was running our survival server it became a community effort to build a public spawn that anybody joining for the first time would be able to run around in safely, so it'd be no surprise that many Crafthubians remember those days.

2014 Crafthub Wizard Tower
2014 Birds-Eye View of Spawn

Along the same lines as spawn building, "One night pretty much the whole active community at the time set off via boat in Minecraft with nothing in our inventories and we built a community base in the middle of no where. Eventually we ended up filling it up with TNT and reducing the whole thing to a crater, but it was such a great night." (Raemis)

Raemis Overlooking the Crafthub/Hungercraft Lobby

Another fond memory may be "the time my head was distributed to like 30 people and we all ran around spawn as a wunda mob." (wundachuck) Many Crafthub regulars at the time came to the call of the wilderness when wundachuck's head was farmed and handed out for charity. The town was terrorized.

The Wunda Incident is not easily forgotten

As a final entry to the first installation of our memories, "I remember the *difficult* modpack that rocode put together.  The one with the bloodmoons and improved monster AI.  Everyone raged really really hard at first at him for making it *hard* but overtime people got good and built their own forts in different parts of the world.  I remember everyone coming together to fight the ender dragon and then again for the Gaia guardian.  Everyone had different armor with different abilities because everyone had done a different mod.  That might actually be my fondest in-game memory." (Galfraz)

Blood Moon Mod image from https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/bloodmoon

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of our Crafthub memories. We will eventually expand this series to feature other games the community has enjoyed. Worry not though, the Minecraft stories will return with other moments from the past decade.

A big thank you to wundachuck and Doom6197 for providing the images that were used in this post.

If you have any memories you'd like to submit for this series, please contact me on the Crafthub Discord or email me at [email protected].