Welcome to our Crafthub TTT2 server. Enjoy your stay!

This server is still work in progress.

Our discord link code: qFcquaz

What is TTT2?
TTT2 is an extension of classic TTT thats includes a host of improvements and the addition of Roles.

Full Role list and explanation coming soon


Rules are subject to change, full rule list coming soon.


  • RDM
    • Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch) or for a random reason outside of the current round/game.
    • Do not kill AFKs
    • Do not PropKill
  • Hacking or Cheating
    • Hacking, injecting, cheating or scripting will result in an immediate ban
  • Ghosting or Metagaming
    • Giving a living player information regarding the current round while dead.
  • Hateful Conduct
    • Racism.
    • Homophobia.
    • Sexual Harassment.
    • Prejudice Behaviour.
    • Any other form of disrespect directed towards another player.
    • Offensive username (Change when asked by staff)
  • Spamming
    • Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands. Staff will issue mutes for anyone abusing communication systems.
  • Unreadable names
    • Names should be readable and pronounceable (Change when asked by staff)
  • Traitor/Karma Baiting
    • Very simple rule: Don't act like a traitor if you're innocent in order for someone else to lose karma.