CraftHub ARK Server

CraftHub ARK Server

Ark Crafthub Survival [PvPvE] [Whitelist]

Yes we have our own PC Ark: Survival Evolved server! This server was made for people who do not particularly enjoy spending their entire day waiting for a tame. This server is also intended for cooperative play and is not recommended for those who would like to raid and cause destruction. Those that are uncooperative with typically peaceful play will not remain on the server for long. Every person that plays on the server is willing to help new players get a start on the game so don’t be afraid to ask.
The Crafthub server has a 3x gather rate and a 5x rate on taming and breeding.

This server is NOT vanilla. The mods that are included in the Crafthub server are as follows:

  • Annunaki Genesis (With a lack of wardens, ancients, and oblivion)
  • Homing Pigeon
  • Bridge
  • Death Helper
  • True Wardrums 2.0
  • Reusable Grappling Hook
  • Reusable Parachute and Altimeter    
  • Advanced Spyglass    
  • Rideable Kairuku    
  • Pet Finder

You can find all of these mods here 

You can join by 

  • Searching Crafthub in the server browser  
  • Adding to your favourites
  • Adding one of the players on Steam on joining off them
  • Making a request to join on the Crafthub Reddit

The server is password protected, you can obtain the password either from one of the Crafthub staff or from one of the players. The password is there to reduce griefing and to protect the experience we want to achieve with this server.

Short url :

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