1.8 Underwater Mystery!

1.8 Underwater Mystery!

The team at Mojang continue to work hard on the 1.8 update though there have been a lack of snapshots of late because of the effort they are putting into multi-threading. There have been quite a few morsels of information coming from the lovely folks and their twitter feeds that we may think about in the meanwhile! 

A recent question and answer session brought this response from one of the Mojang devs. Bunnies are coming to Minecraft! There has yet to be confirmation that they will be included in 1.8 but this tweet in particular confirms they are in the works. Will they drop resources? Breed them with carrots? Seeds? Maybe they will lay chocolate eggs at Easter time!

Even more recently we have had confirmation that the oceans are getting some more love from Mojang in the form of a new sponge block as well as a new hostile mob! Much mystery surrounds this tidbit of information as its identity has also been kept a secret, though little clues are being fed to the ever-eager Minecrafting public! 


Might this mysterious creature be a Minecraft recreation of something found in our real world? An angry squid eating sperm whale with a lethal blow-hole? A giant jellyfish? Or might it come from the realm of science fiction? Perhaps a kraken or a sea-serpent? Might we be treated to some kind of underwater seafolk such as mer-people? We can only wait to find out, but it is fun to imagine!


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