Government creates its town in Minecraft

Government creates its town in Minecraft

Minecraft continues to become an influential part of many gamer's lives and only recently has it crossed into real world applications. The latest event to unfold is in Australia in the beautiful city of Brisbane. The Brisbane City Council has officially released a Minecraft map to let kids and visitors alike to explore Brisbane in Minecraft. 

But, why? The Brisbane City Council states that map "highlights our commitment to position Brisbane as Australia’s new world city and Council as leader in digital communication through the use of games to educate and promote the city." Alright, that's good.

Now, if you're expecting a fully-fledged city with sidewalks and sunshine -- do not be fooled. This map includes many of Brisbane's iconic structures from the Brisbane River to the City Hall to the Story Bridge and more. These buildings have a rustic feeling with no motive of exterior design and barely any design on the inside (with some buildings having monsters inside!)

These real life buildings were built using the Brisbane Council's Virtual Brisbane 3D modelling objects so they could be to scale. When I tried scaling them, it took a long while, in the map. I have to say, they got that part down but the design? It's going to need some work.

The logo of Brisbane in the map was ingrained in the grass and the most noticable effect was that it had anti-alias. This purports that while this wasn't manually built, it was custom built from top to bottom as the river has wall-like sides as opposed to natural walls with slight curves.

The map itself is 7.5MB and can be easily download for free from the government website of Brisbane. If you know how to input a map into Minecraft, you're good to go. Launch it in the game and you'll be visiting some of Brisbane's iconic structures in Minecraft in no time!

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