Lego needs your Minecraft expertise!

Lego needs your Minecraft expertise!

Back in February 2012, Mojang announced to the world that LEGO and Mojang AB worked together to release the first ever Lego Minecraft set. Since then, the world has gotten a taste of what LEGO can do and they have researched more about Minecraft -- however there is one slight problem. They don't know enough! YouTube's LEGO channel released this video asking for help.

If you head on over the official Facebook page, you'll see the way to help. They prompt this message by making a video showcasing their need for help. A range of product concerning Minecraft have been made available like redstrone-like contraptions and mobs (micro-sized!) and more.

I am sure within the next few days, more information will be made available however one thing is for certain -- if you contribute you can say you've helped build and shape LEGO to what it is today -- the Minecraft edition. Given Minecraft's success and the success of LEGO, you can bet thousands of boys and girls will be opening this latest line of LEGOs to make their next Minecraft creation.

Heck, I might even buy one. It looks pretty nice. The micro-worlds are pretty well-made and not to mention the micromobs bring back lots of memories. However, I know for a fact that I would probably lose pieces and get mad. But if LEGOS and Minecraft is your thing -- we got a surprise for you! Wait... well, it's not really a surprise anymore, is it?

Anyway -- head on over the facebook page to get posted on the details for LEGO's next line of Minecraft.

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