Crafters Charity, Extra Life and You!

Crafters Charity, Extra Life and You!

Extra-life is soon to be upon us, but it's not too late for you to get involved! In case you hadn't read the last article, or have no clue what Extra-life is, it's a charity where gamers raise money by doing what they do best: Gaming! Starting on Saturday, November 2nd at 8am, gamers all over the world will begin a 25 hour marathon to raise money for local children's hospitals.

Crafthub has pooled it's efforts with the fantastic folks over at Planet Minecraft who are running a booth straight from Minecon! While we can't be on site to help physically, we've dedicated time and effort to be there virtually. For those of you who are attending Minecon, you'll find them set up in a large booth running the livestream!

Cipher_Punk has dedicated his time, energy and soul to running the Livestream during the con and will occasionally be accompanied by guests. Their setup will allow livestreamers to stream from the booth they have set up. Their confirmed guest list includes Sethbling, YouRedstone, SGCBarbierian, SCMOwns, Sevadus, CyaNideEPic, HyPixel, bacon_D0nut, Bebopvox, Team MVG, Vareide, ZombiUnicorn and aureylian, with unconfirmed appearances by the Mindcrackers! People who were not able to attend Minecon but will still be broadcasting include Shyboy, Charede Gaming, QuinckGaming, Vaecon and StrayMav!

All of the guests and staff for the event will be livestreaming from a massive hub server, where you can log in and join them for all the fun! To gain access to this server, simply make a donation towards the CraftersCharity fundraising campaign at their team page! Be sure to leave your MC username in the "Message to fundrasier" field so that they can add you to the whitelist!

During the event, you'll also be able to enter raffles and auctions for some cool stuff, like Planet Minecraft T-shirts, Minecraft action figures, and a one-of-a-kind, hand knitted Ocelot cap!

Stick around for the long haul to catch AteBits and PMC throwing a Minecraft concert from 5pm to 8pm! You can see an example of their work here!

More information is coming soon at the event's website, Crafters Charity! So get ready for Minecon, and get ready for Extra Life! We hope you can make it, and leave a comment about your experience below!

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