Dead Worker's Party Party

Dead Worker's Party Party

Mark your calendar, arrange your ride and book your hotel.  The Dead Worker’s Party Party is upon us.  The DWPP is a LAN party, get together and general hangout thrown by the guys who bring you The Shaft podcast.  Friends, fans and total strangers will be convening on the town of Huntsville, Alabama in 35 days for a weekend of fun.

The event is being held on Columbus Day weekend, from October 11th to the 13th, and further details are available on the events page of the Dead Worker’s Party website.  There is no admission charge.  Guests are only responsible for the cost of their own lodging, travel and food, and a recommended hotel is listed on the event page as well.  I plan to be there, and with any luck I’ll be bringing along our founder Guard!  So if any of you guys can make it, don’t hesitate to say hi!  Hope to see you there!

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