HungerCraft and Crafthub SMP Launch Bungee Hub

HungerCraft and Crafthub SMP Launch Bungee Hub

Crafthub and Hungercraft are launching a mutual Bungee hub between Hungercraft, Crafthub Survival, Blocks Vs. Zombies and Race for the Wool, collecting 4 different play style options literally under one roof.  You can connect to the hub at and find your way to the game of your choice!

Hungercraft brings you the very best in competitive Hunger Game matches, including daily automated matches, weekly official matches and balanced game play.

Crafthub Survival brings you quality SMP goodness, a professional staff and an array of plug-ins chosen to compliment competitive survival and a touch of safety for your precious, precious loot.

In collaboration with RMCT, we’re bringing you Race for the Wool.  Race for the Wool brings you the classic team based competition where you race to rebuild your monument against an opposing team.

And freshly released, Hungercraft has Sethbling’s seal of approval to host Blocks Vs. Zombies on the network as well.  This Tower Defense style game pits a group of players armed at the start with a bow and their skill against a rampaging horde of zombies in a 20 minute fight for survival.

So log in and gear up for the game of your choice.  We hope to see you there!

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