PhonicUK Talks about "Paypal, Money and Minecraft Servers"

PhonicUK Talks about "Paypal, Money and Minecraft Servers"

PhonicUK, creator of McMyAdmin, maintains a blog at In his latest entry, he wrote about the “do’s and don’ts” regarding Minecraft servers and community contributions in a post aptly titled Paypal, Money and Minecraft Servers. I’m not going to give you a verbatim recitation of what he says, but it’s full of good advice and good practice that goes beyond servers that take in player contributions.

It touches on the subject of disputes and the ugly nature of chargebacks, shows why you should avoid the word ‘donate’, explains why you shouldn’t let your users buy their way into power, briefly delves into taxes, and it expounds upon the importance of behaving professionally, which is almost always the sign of a mature administration.

So hop on over to his blog and give it a read.

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