Multiplay's contest was not rigged.

The recent article of Multiplay's accusation of a rigged contest attracted the ire and wrath of many Minecraft keyboard warriors. The one brave soul from Multiplay, specifically, Kharne the ESports and Tournament Manager at Multiplay, decided to venture in to offer his side of the story. You know what happened? He connected the dots and many agreed.

As for Wahrheit, he had zero part in the judging. All he did was set thecontest up, manage it and see the results (at the end, just like everyone else). The entrees were actually attacked from day one, and the only thing they could do was extend the competition. A pity, yeah, but that's what Minecraft is. That's part of the game. Every game has idiots.

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So, how does the winner connect with Warheit? Warheit had a link and was involved with them a while back. Once Kharne found out, heexplicitlystated that Warheit had no plan in judging nor building. But how exactly was the judging proceeded? First of all, there were lots of plots. I meana lot.It took both Kharne and Slanty 2 and 1/2 days of going over to make the top list 10. Then, the top 10 were judged using the sheet above. A long andarduoustask but they were still not done.

After they were finished, they recruited the help ofDamageRating and WedTM. Two guys who, like them, were also Minecraft players. They gave their scores and what do you see? The 1st place "theme park" isn't even in 1st or 2nd place. It sits nicely in third meaning even the judges agreed the 1st place was not really "1st place" material. So, how did the 3rd-place ranked make it first? MinecraftChick.

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If you love Minecraft, then you know who she is. She was a talking through parts of MineCon as well before she was working directly with Mojang. She was given the top 10 and told what the top three were suppose to go. She picked the theme park as number one and that's where your hatred came in. People came in demanding an explanation. The 1st place build was clearly not 1st. But, according to MinecraftChick it beat all others. However, others thought otherwise and by the numbers.

In the end, MinecraftChick decided the winner. An unpopular winner but a win nonetheless. Congratulations to Multiplay for pulling for a big competition. I hope now you realize what you can improve on in managing contests and I'm sure you'll have plans to make it better in the future.

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