Language Option On Its Way!

Language Option On Its Way!



A few days ago, Jeb officially announced that Minecraft was to be translated into different languages. "Been working on translating Minecraft to other languages than English. Got help by @Scaevolus for unicode support!" stated Jeb via twitter on the 7th December.

This will encourage worldwide gamers to buy the game and will consequentially increase sales for Mojang. Translation of the game has been brought up before when Notch was lead developer but was never really ventured into until now. Thisdefinitely clarifies that Mojang are working on a near-complete game.

A few hours ago Jeb released a screenshot (see above) of the new language-select menu. As you can see, it is in a similar layout to the rest of the settings.

Although, this is not great news to everyone. Some players were angered at the fact that Jeb had lost focus on mod support and had decided to work on something 'less important' in their opinion. In my point of view language options is a feature which should have been implemented a while ago.

In other news concerning development of the game, a user asked Jeb if the Mo' Creatures mod was to be implemented into the game. Jeb replied with, "No, but the mod api should support it." I believe the mod support will be great and will encourage the community to continue to develop outstanding modifications.

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