Yogscast, Notch and Minecon

Yogscast, Notch and Minecon

So, it seems Minecon was a hit! The booths were toured, parties were had, Notch pulled the lever and Yogscast did their panel. Notch didn't like that, apparently. He tweeted to his hundreds of thousands of followers regarding two specific tweets.

First, Notch tweeted:

We also learned who not to work with at Minecon. Shame.. :/

The tweet alone sent the whole Minecraft universe into a huge 'whodunnit' case. Many speculated Yogscast among others. An hour later, Notch tweeted:
I'm very sorry about the behavior of the people we won't work with any more. Celebrity or not, you don't f-bomb kids.

Obviously for Notch to send a tweet like that, on a magnitude of thatdisappointment, someone must have done something very wrong. Five hours later, Notchquelledthe suspicions by confirming that it was indeed Yogscast.

We have reached out to Yogscast for their comment on this event and have yet to reach a reply.

UPDATE (2:15 pm USA EST):Lomidia, Yogscast's PR person, has released this statement in the topic:

"I find the words 'work with' to be very interesting in this - you will see why when Lewis gets home and makes his v-log of Minecon.

He used masturbation jokes in our videos, but then criticises us for using old footage with swearing in, when we have limited resources to edit the footage in Vegas, and also neither Mojang nor IGN gave us any guidelines as to what we were and weren't allowed to do - the people in the panel and on the livestream chose to come and see us - so you'd think they'd know swearing is likely.

We did about six hours of signings and photos in general - no kid or parent complained to us about swearing.

I won't say more as Lewis' v-log will expose everything in wonderfully high definitioned rage, so give us a few days to get our thoughts in order. "

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