Why people should love Jeb, too.

Why people should love Jeb, too.

Let's face it, when people hear about Minecraft, they think of one guy: Notch. The sole creator and original programmer that created the mega-hit game that it is today. However, no one ever highlights Jeb for Minecraft's success. Granted there areother members who made Minecraft what it is today, but we're talking about Jeb today.Sure, he may get a thank you here and there, but that's no where the recognition he deserves. Jeb has done wonderful things for both Minecraft and Mojang. Morenotablyhe has worked on Pistons, Wolves (Pets), Redstone repeater, and Beta 1.2 update among other things.

The thing is, people make it out it to be that Notch does all the work. They somehow glorify his works and thank him for everything. Either I'm looking in the wrong place or Jeb doesn't get enough love. I've had a few sources tell me that while at PAX, everyone went to go hug and greet Notch, Jens was standing there. Legs proped and everyone crowding around Notch. I would guess so because everyone knows what Notch looks like. No would who dare bat an eye for someone who think "and this guy ... is?" And that'sthe problem. More people know Notch than Jeb but I would guess so because of the "creator" status.

But hey, that's a fanboy for you, right? Some kind of mentality where everything is seen as it was created by one person. Not giving any regard to whoever else does their thing. People just loveNotch.At any rate, I am not the only one who thinks this. The fine people over at reddit have echoed my sentiments in this thread.Funny thing is, the excuse was that most people didn't know what he looked like. I didn't go to PAX but if I was there, I would sure as heck asked who he was, if I didn't know. Even a popular reddit user, Sure_Ill_Draw_That, did this thing by drawing a picture of how he felt. That picture is the image for this article, if you couldn't tell.

So, Jeb, from everyone at CraftHub: thank youfor everything you have done!

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