Enconia's debut as a medieval town

Enconia's debut as a medieval town

"The Big Medieval Town of Enconia will be born!" said Minecrafter EnCMinecraft as he drove his shovel into the ground, dreaming of making a Medieval town of wonders. Today, my friends. I present to you, the Medieval town of Encoria. made by EnCMinecraft. Many of you already know that some people in Minecraft are crafters of the world themselves, but EnCMinecraft stands out, with such creations as The Dark Wizard Tower and the Spleef Arena.

He manages to amaze Minecrafters not only with his creations, but with his screenshots:

The Town at Night

City View

Grand Hallway

Quote from EnCMinecraft:

I built this using schematics from Novv and one other source but i can't remember his name, sorry and of cause some built myself. It was made for my server which i no longer have the time to run.


around 10 houses maybe more not sure
about 5 shops and 3 stalls
An Inn
A Church
A courthouse
Spleef arena
Secret mob arena
Huge Galleon

You're able to explore this map yourself by clicking here.

This Project is 100% complete, by EnCMinecraft. Want to see more of EnCMinecraft's creations? Visit his planetminecraft profile.

Enconia is definitely awesome in my book. Make sure you look for EnCMinecraft's creations in the future!

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/YW/

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