Fantasy palace provides safe haven.

Fantasy palace provides safe haven.

We all know how to build and building palaces is the first thing we most do. But sometimes a user builds a great palace that makes you go "Holy crap, that is amazing." That is why, today, I present to you Hepburn Fantasy Palace bySchlaht. This magnificant beaut towers over 5 blocks above sea level and is 129x129. It was named after British actress Audrey Hepburn. There is a download for yourperusaland it's all free -- for you. Isn't that nice?

Now, normally I get allgiddilywith excitement about this but the owner has chosen to leave the inside empty. However, earlier in the post he clearly states he will not be adding anything to it anymore.Lucky for you, you can either 1.) wait for someone else to finish up or 2.) fill it yourself. Personally, I'd go with filling it myself. Either way, it's better to get this earlier rather than later, right? Right?!

To explore this palace, click for download link.

Schlaht says:

Original by me, Made by Schlaht_CU

Why did i call it Hepburn Fantasy Palace? well that's simple. i love Audrey Hepburn, and needed a name for this beast.

i was inspired by this by looking at Castle Lividus, in my opinion the most impressive complex. but i wanted to add a hint of japanese building styles at the same time. this was made 100% by me in so far 8 hours time, using Too many Items mod and single player commands mod - taking advantage of instantmine, fly, freeze, weather controls and damage control.

in the future i will be fully decorating the interior and filling with chests, beds, work shops and etc. but as of now, it is just the actual exterior physical construction of the project.

i will also soon make adjustments to the building its self on the outside and the grass grounds.

i am now putting my build up for download as i promised earlier in my publicity post.

the main building is built on a 129x129 circular platform suspended about 5 blocks above the sea level. the outerwalls are 5 blocks thick and span the entire circumference of the building, with 8 towers, four are 11x11, four are 9x9. each tower features a custom roof steeple. the walls are 8 blocks high, and below is a 4 block high, 3 block wide platform for bushes and flowers. In the middle are four 17x17 towers with custom steeples, in the middle there is a 29x29 tower that tapers into another 17x17 roof, again all with custom steeples.

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