Wizard of Oz's Emerald City for your reminiscing.

Wizard of Oz's Emerald City for your reminiscing.

We all know about the famous story of the Wizard of Oz. And who could forgot of the iconic location that is Emerald City? Well, one Minecraft user thought it'd be a good idea to recreate it all and by Zeus'sbeard he did! Minecrafterbergencohas, in his own field, recreated Emerald City. The link will take you an Imgur gallery of what is to come, if you wish to download it! That's right, you can download and stumble through thenostalgia-goodness at your own leisure.

The screenshot from the article should be enough to grab you in, if not the nostalgia doesn't do it. If read the Wizard of Oz this would do a nice service to jog up your memory. Also, you can at least say you've walked the yellow-blockroad in Minecraft.

Now click your heels three times and type /home to get the download: [download link]

bergenco says:

I finished it the best I could. Sorry about the lack of interior of the Emerald City. I wanted to allow whomever downloads the world a chance to craft & design an interior of their own. Have fun guys & gals, and thanks for all the great comments yesterday!


Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/YP/

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