Planet Minecraft reaches 100,000 members.

Planet Minecraft reaches 100,000 members.

I last wrote abouta Minecraft fansite, called World of Minecraft, breaking the 100k barrier last October. Now it looks like we have a new inductee into the "100k members" club and that, my friends, is Planet Minecraft. Planet Minecraft has been one of CraftHub's good friends since the beginning. With the addition of the sidebar to the left, we have featured several of their projects.

Planet Minecraft started around September 2010, a month before CraftHub started. I knew that from the very beginning it would be an amazing resource site. I took into account the custom Minecraft template and the one thing every webmaster loves: user-generated content. The users power the website with their creations and obsession of a unique Minecraft-esque RPG system.Utilizinglevels and exp, posters gain for their comments, projects, and activity.

With that mind, Planet Minecraft seems to have a lot of power. With many members posting their creative works everyday, there seems to be no stop to this website. I knew they would achieve 100,000 users but I didn't know when. So, Planet Minecraft, you've entered an exclusive club of 100,000 users. I hope you do well and from everyone at CraftHub: congratulations.

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