Amida's Shrine would make worshipers gasp in awe.

Amida's Shrine would make worshipers gasp in awe.

Enough with big and giant builds. Are they nice? Yeah. But sometimes you want to stare at something more smaller. I present to you Amida's Shrine byBlock_Fortress. And it is, by far, one of the most mind-numbing shrines I have ever seen. A real creative piece of eye-candy. Sadly, building shrines doesn't do much in Minecraft. But it's still a nice creation, and by nice - I mean jaw-dropping awesome. There's nothing I can say that's bad about it -- really. Luckily, for all us, there is a download in place so you can gawk at your own pace. Block_Fortress says:
This is going to be my first uploaded map for you guys to download! I spawned up a nice map and put this build of mine in it for all to see! If you are going to download this can you please Thumbs up this project so I can feel loved and put more schematics up! And can you also check out my servers youtube channel! Maybe? It helps us out tonnes! Iattacheda vid just for you! All of my builds can be found on the server Mithrintia The middle tower is left "undone" on purpose so you can fill it with what ever you want! IMPORTANT! Please do not film this or redistribute it. Or I will go Boston Legal on your ass!

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