The magnificent and imperial Kingdom of Beret.

The magnificent and imperial Kingdom of Beret.

For all you Oblivion lovers out there, we have a surprise for you! You may remember Sir_Beret from the creation of Cornelia and Castle Cornelia. Well now hebeautifullycrafted the Kingdom of Beret. Let me tell you folks, this is one of the most magnificent creations I have ever set my eyes on. I say creations but there is many. Sir_Beret has included Battlehorn Castle, Imperial City Arena, a Cathedral among others. He has also taken other pieces of landmarks from games such as Lord of the Rings and World of Warcraft building Mines of Moria and Booty Bay respectively.

Here are some screenshots:

Imperial City Arena

Battlehorn Castle

Gate to Kingdom's Capital City: Dusk

Cathedral 1 and 2

Underbelly of the Kingdom


The sad thing is? Most of this is not up for download except the Battlehorn Castle. Luckily, we can still play it on the server MCShadowville at However, at this time of writing, it seems to be down for repairs. Luckily, it should be up again later today or tomorrow morning. You can check for updates. Nonetheless, this kingdom is quite an amazing feat by one player. I urge you all to see it for yourself and gawk at its beauty.

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