Rainbow Runner - Minecraft Mini-game

Rainbow Runner - Minecraft Mini-game

Today I would like to present yet another mini-game within Minecraft, this time being Rainbow Runner. It is essentially a mix of Audio Surf and Nyan Cat (without the sound), and requires you to avoid a constant surge of color coming at you. It is a singleplayer game and it is quite fun.

The basics of this game goes as follows: You are stuck in a tiny 1x2x6 block room, and you must move to the color which has no surge in your little area at that moment, and you must keep doing so until you beat the game. How long is the game you ask? I truly do not know, it could be anywhere from five minutes to infinity. What I do know however, is that the surges are random and thus the game will never be the same when you restart it.

The author/inventor of this mini-game is a youtuber that goes by the name of minecraftpg5, and his video showcasing it can be found here:

For all of you, I suggest trying it and beating it. I do not know how long the game lasts. I do not know if it is infinitely looped or if it is a mere matter of minutes, but I urge you to do so anyway, and of course, tell me if you win. Good luck!

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