Writer Recruitment. Ready to join the team?

Writer Recruitment. Ready to join the team?



We here at CraftHub want to be able to give you, the community, the bestpossiblenews, content reviews, amazing constructions, and much much more. However as it stays the front page has been rather bare lately ( which most you would may have noticed ).

We'd like to invite all our loyal readers to come and try out to become a future writer for us. We want to make sure that the authors that we are going to recruit will have the determination to help keep CraftHub on top with your amazing articles. Did youapplied last time, and didn't make the cut? Here's your chance to try again.

Below are someexpectations that we want to see from our writers if you happen to be recruited.

  • The biggest one being we want to see some effort. articles will ONLY be published once ok'd by myself or another staff admin. With that being said we want writers to be able to write new drafts for articles once or twice a week.

  • If a question is asked about your article or a question related to it, we'd expect you reply to help out.

  • Use our forums. This going to be important as there is a writers only section where you guys will post ideas for new articles*, pre-read each others stuff, etc.

  • Being a team player. This isn't just a solo writing section with yourself. We want you to be able to help your fellow writers on any questions they might have or come together to discuss new ideas.

* - Articles will consist of not just front pagearticles, but also reviews, videos, and screenshots.

Wait what, you're good with everything above then? Then you're a person we'd like to talk with more and see what you can do then. Below is a plan of how we want this to work:

  1. The main portion of this will be happening on our forums. The link to it can befound hereor located on the top of our blog.

  2. Once you have registered, within the Writer recruitment section, we'd like you fill out the template which can be located here or is stickied on the top of the section.

  3. In a new thread please up the title as " [username]'s Writer Application" and copy/paste your filled out template into it.

  4. Once you have done that you have two choice. You can either post your practicearticlein the same text box, or upload it as an attachment ( if you want to keep it as a Word or text file ).

To add to this we're looking for about three new writers atleast, if not more if we see more good articles out there. If you'd like more detailed information there will be more on our forums in theWriter recruitment section.

We thank everyone whoparticipatesin this and wish the best luck to you all. Any questions can be posted in the questions thread on the forums hereor can contact me for any answers. Thank you.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/YC/

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