The Aether. The Full Experience.

The Aether. The Full Experience.


If you have been in-tuned with the most recent news on the MinecraftForum, you have seen on the front page that the mostanticipated mod has finally come out for all of us to play test. The Aether Modification wasconceivedabout 4-5 months, and since then they've captivated us with some impressive new images and a load of information about some of the cool items and monsters you'll get toencounter. The original concept brought up byKingbdogz (If i'm wrong with this do correct me on it), however as this might not be the easiest alone, the Aether team grew as Kodaichi, Shockah, Flanand303 joined forces to bring this mod to what it is now.

The installment process isn't that much of an issue, however if you're new with installing mods then you will want to make sure to look at a tutorial so you'll be able to install this one. The Aether Mod requires ModLoader,AudioMod, andShockAhPI to be installed for it to work. I had issues myself when I first attempted to install it, however I found that you may have to let each mod run after installation so they don't run all at once crashing the launcher. Again, might just be me though.

To help with this review I'm going to try to explainbrieflyof the things I've seen on the first time I headed through that lightstone portal. Just as a note I have little to zeroknowledgeof what is going to happen once I spawn in the Aether so do bear with my explaining. With that the first attempt I tried, I was found floating in the sky with nothing around me and I get smashed with what looks like a snowball to the face and die. Alright, let's try this again on a new map. This time I was saved and this is what I came up with:

Alot better than floating in the sky I guess.Zephyrs, the mobs that were throwing the snowball objects at me inthefirst place, can be seen above. My firstinitialthoughts was how impressive the landscape looked and how I was going to survive without falling off and dying.

The landpiecethat I had perched on was a rather small island compared to some of the other islands that I found later, however with theZephyrs roaming around I was abit scared to venture to much out of small hole that I made to get supplies together and read abit more on the new items that we get with the Aether.

The items that are implemented are the same as you would in the normal world. For example we have new trees called Skyroots or Golden Oaks, which one gives you the same recipes for planks and sticks as they normally would. However with that we DO however have alot of new items like theIncubator, Enchanter Cold Aercloud, or the three new ores we get to craft with. I can't really go to much into details, because I believe the actual MCF thread explains it better then I would be able to. So sorry about that one.

One of the most interesting concepts of the Aether is that it's very close to what we might be seeing when it comes to the 1.8 adventure update. Dungeons have now been revamped to have obstacles, bosses, and the important treasure at the end. I've had the chance to meet up with two of the boss ( the bronze and the gold ) and I have to say they aren't just there to tickle you pink.

The bronze dungeons are the most easily found and common as their entrances and can be seen at a distance and could have more than just one room for more extra treasure. The floors are booby-trapped with what it could seem like creepers in the floor, which can be gotten around rather easily with digging into the floor to find which blocks can and can't be mined. Finally once you get to the huge block in the middle of the room ( As shown above ), you'll be ready to fight the boss off with your pickaxe. From what I've heard it has about 200 HP, so you'll need a fair amount to kill this one, but after you watch him fall the prizes are ready for the picking.

Unlike the ones in the normal world, the chest here can only be open once you defeated the boss and received the key for it. The prizes have meaning now too, as they have their own special abilities and names to them. Personally I like the Hammer of Notch and my Vampire Blood (Blade?), but I think the Pig slayer is also a fun weapon to have. Besides just weapons; armor, books, rare blocks and junk can be looted from the locked chests.

I'd also like to talk about the gold boss for a minute. Once I found the sphere shaped island floating in the sky with Golden Oak Trees flowing from the top of it I knew it was the place. There was an entrance, however it was on the other side of the damn thing so it took me a second to get in. Once inside, you can instantly sense a new evil atmosphere to the place as you walk forward to the Sun God sitting in the middle of the room.

Once starting the battle with him I found that it was near impossible to defeat him without having to go to peaceful as his balls of fire and himself will set you ablaze more then once. After a few attempts I began to get the hang of hitting the Ice ball back into him, which is the only way to defeat him. Might have just been me, however this reminded me so much of the battle between Zelda and Ganondorf were you had to hit back the light balls that he shoots at you back at him. Made me smile at the reference, and made me smile even more once I took a peek into the prize chest..

The Aether is the closes thing you'll get to the 1.8 update for now, so if you're itching to get some adventure time in, this is well worth the effort to install. I know that this review doesn't include everything from the Aether, like all the other mobs or go more in-depth on certain things however this is a review and not a guide. I hope you enjoyed the review, and just maybe I helped get a few more crafters to go try it out themselves.

On the last subject of new crafters to this modification, below are six tips that I wish I would have known before venturing into the unknown. Don't be like me and sleep in the bed. It's so not worth it.

6 Aether Tips that could save your life!

  • Once you have entered this new realm you might want to keep most of your stuff at home. The only few things you might need is a the basic tools, food, and some saddles. The rest can be found in the Aether.

  • DON'T BRING A BED. It's seriously a trap, the bed goes kamikaze once you use it.

  • Make sure to have a parachute on you at all times. Unless you're playing on peaceful then you kinda don't, but still something good to have.

  • Dungeons are fun, however they take alot of resources to sometimes do them or even get to them. For a bronze boss, for example, it'll take about 3Zanite pickaxes to kill the boss.

  • Once you start the boss fight be sure to have all the equipment that you need. The walls will close once you start, and the floors are indestructible.

  • If you happen to die don't worry too much about it. The damage that you dealt with the boss will stay so once you get back you can continue were you left off.

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