That Minecraft beat!

That Minecraft beat!

While searching the net for some new Minecraft related topics, I came across anassortmentof musical remixes frompopularsongs all done with Minecraft's instrumentsounds. All the remixes were done by 2 AM a Belgium artist who has abit of remixes already up on SoundCloud. From Skrillex to Daft Punk, to The Who to Harry Chapin the range is rather broad but the remixes themselves are still rather impressive. Yes, they aren't actually hooked up with redstone and activated that way, but they still sound just as good or even better. Below are some of the favorites that he has up at the moment:


Oasis - Wonderwall (Minecraft Remake) /w vocals by 2 AM

Skrillex - With You, Friends (Minecraft Remake) by 2 AM

Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Minecraft Remake) by 2 AM


For more remixes head over to his song page on SoundCloud! If you have any remixes like this or something else related post them below for us to see!

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