CraftHub Declares Independence

CraftHub Declares Independence

Independence from what, we are not exactly sure. However, in order to stick it to the man and forge our own path and fulfill our destiny, some changes had to be made.



As many of you have noticed, we have gotten a new theme. Our old theme was not being updated, and contained several bugs that interfered with our day-to-day operations. This new theme has the added bonus of video and screenshot galleries, which we will be implementing soon. We will also be doing a forum wipe and reinstall to fix some issues with our forums. We have revamped our writing division, implementing editor oversight and a new guest article submission system that will hopefully result in more professional and news-worthy articles for our readers.


Minecraft Server:

It is my unfortunate duty to inform our community that donations have simply not kept up with the expansion and popularity of our Minecraft Server. While we prided ourselves in running one of the largest servers, our expenses grew to $690 a month, while our donations did not. We have had several staff meetings and community discussions on this issue, and, after much deliberation, have decided that downgrading our server and focusing on self-sufficiency is the best solution. This means we will be downgrading our server to a 40-50 slot server, getting rid of donation tiers, and implementing a one time fee (we are thinking $5) to build freely. This means the public will still be able to join our server and view the creations we have built, but in order to get build rights you must pay a small one time fee, to support the server and discourage griefing (those who have already donated to our server will of course not have to pay this fee). This change is still being discussed, and we look forward to your feedback in the comments of this article as well as our forums.


In Conclusion:

Overall, this constitutes a shift of direction for CraftHub. We are no longer looking for rapid expansion as much as self-sustainment. We are looking to bring our expenses to something more inline with our passive income from our ads. As such, we will have more finances free for contests, an eventual payment system for writers, and other endeavors we hope to bring to our community.

All of us at CraftHub would like to thank our loyal readers (that's you!) and those that have made our Minecraft Server what it is today. Your help and support has granted us innumerable opportunities we would have otherwise not enjoyed. Thank you. We wish a happy 4th of July to everyone in the United States, and a happy Minecrafting to everyone outside of it.

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