Spider Queen mod, be the queen!

Spider Queen mod, be the queen!

Have you ever found yourself running across the world in Minecraft, while wondering what to do next? Or have you lost the sense of newness that the game once gave you? If you have become bored of Vanilla Minecraft, or if you merely want to try something new, then you may want to try “The Spider Queen v2” (http://djoslin.info/thespiderqueen.php) mod, a mod that essentially reverses your role in Minecraft fromplaying as Steve (the Minecraft guy) to becoming The Spider Queen.



With this mod you will have several new features opened up to you:

· You can create web blocks, from combining string – which you gain from either eating food (regular pork gives 4, grilled pork gives 8 each) or from more usual methods.

· You are able to trap mobs in a web-cocoon, store them (left click), and then eat them (right click) later at a desired time!

· You can create your very own spider’s web-bed to sleep in.

· You are able to see in the dark, even in smallest mineshafts.

· You can lay eggs and spawn your very own spider-lings to help you fight. You can create both regular and specialized ones (see if you can get all of them at once). If you do lay eggs and get spider-lings, be sure to create the spider wand and keep it in your hand to make them follow you.

In addition to these features, the mod also features giant trees and additional mobs such as bees, wasps and ants. The Bees can be found in their hives in the giant trees, where there will be gatherers, soldiers and a queen, which will come at you if you attempt to break into the hive.


All in all, this game offers several hours of new gameplay to those who may enjoy it.


Note that it requires a few additional mods to function properly, all found herehttp://www.djoslin.info/required.php

Written by Crazher!

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/XZ/

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