Ancient City is awesome in my book.

Ancient City is awesome in my book.

This comes straight from "Atlantis" except without the, you know, flooded part. This is the Ancient City built bySanakan_Soryu. It's truly amazing because of the unique buildings and the awesome Texture Pack. The texture pack, he is using is Doku Fantasy High. It is highly recommended you install it before you experience this. As you can see, from the picture below, it fits quite well.

The cool thing about this built, like the Final Fantasy I and Tatsuyama, is that it has more major buildings than just one. That means more for us to gawk and stare at! This place, with the Doku Fantasy High texture pack is nearly breath-taking. It's got vast lands of water covered with amazing structures. To end it all off, it's almost finished so expect more from this guy. The best part is that you can see this structure for yourself on a survival server. Just connect to the IP: However, the world has onlyeight slots. So, if you want to see there, be quick. But don't be an idiot and idle there. We want as many people to experience this beauty. Sanakan_Soryu says:
a friend encouraged me to share my first minecraft project here: it started as a first attempt to build the hanging gardens of babylon and ended up in the chaotic state it is now. however its still far from finished:SSSS: always check my last post for updates my server is online, check it out! IP: the eastern entrance Posted Image some art gallery inside the dome structure Posted Image the gardens 2nd attempt Posted Image an overview from a hill nearby Posted Image a small aqueduct inside the city Posted Image standing on top of an tower Posted Image same tower Posted Image stairs to the lower levels..(heavily WIP) Posted Image more pictures incoming...maybe i hope you like it:SSSS:

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