Minecraft wiki and forums down for 24 hours and counting

Minecraft wiki and forums down for 24 hours and counting

The official Minecraft forums and Minecraft wiki, both catering to 860k and 715k unique members each month, andhave been down for over 24 hours and counting. This is one of the longest outages the forum/wiki have had. However, it wasn't the admins over at the forum/wiki's fault. Something happened over at Curse. Curse.com hosts both the Minecraft Wiki and Minecraft Forums, along with many other giant fansites. So, not only are Minecraft fans sad about this, but millions of other fans are upset they can't reach their go-to websites to chat about their games. These fansites also cater to Warcraft, RuneScape, Aion, Guild Wars, Terreria, Evony, FFXIV, Runes of Magic, among others. So, as you can see, many many fans are upset.

[caption id="attachment_4708" align="aligncenter" width="558" caption="What you've been seeing for over a day."][/caption]

According to Curse software Engineer, Chad Moran, he tweeted about the problem. Curse networks had has it's sites knocked down since 10:30 AM June 22. Now with Minecrafters out of their usual go-to handy-dandy wiki and forums -- people seem lost. Fret not! Minecraft is huge and as such there are many more resources available. Minecraft Workbench provides a huge list of texture packs, mods, and skin. While Minecraftopia provides a stylish way to navigate and get help on the game!

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