Castle Estel is quite a sight to see.

Castle Estel is quite a sight to see.

I love castles every now and then but, now to this point, it has been overdone. However, sometimes castles are built that are so amazing that they get posted here! That way we can all stare and gawk at it'sbenevolentform and chant in unison "we are not worthy." I'm talking about Castle Estel by Revolve.

Oh, it's very huge not to mention it's well-built structure and creative coloring. But what's funny is how it came to be. Apparently Revolve was searching Google one night and found this image. From them on he was inspired by that castle, and then he set his sights on creating a castle like it and and I think he's done a good job. To give you an idea on how big this castle is just take a look below:

Here's a promotional video, by Revolve, to showcase his awesome castle. It's informative and neat.


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