Yogscast v. Modders

Yogscast v. Modders

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Adf.ly, popularly used by modders, texturers, and mappers alike in order to get some profit for their hard work, has come under recent attack from the Yogscast. The attack, starting [here], was at first simply stating the fact that adf.ly ads contain malware, which they do not. All ads on adf.ly go through a screening process which requires the submitted ads to not contain any malware or illegal material. As seen [here], any abuse of the adf.ly service is easily reported and dealt with quickly.

Mr_okushama, one of the modders, posted the following on the Yogscast forums(full post found [here]), in reply of Lewis asking why the modders simply can't just use donations. I'd like to point out to everyone that he's being truthful, and not lying about actually requiring the money to have the basic necessities.

Got to the point with just donate links that i couldn't afford my rent for my flat and had to move back into my parents, so i needed a way to not feel bad for being back at home and being able to stay up all night face deep in java, adf was the only available answer.

In response to that, Lewis posted the following(full post found [here]).
My heart bleeds, but everyone got along just fine before adf.ly on donations alone - and now suddenly the modders are starving without it? That's literally what people are saying to me. That I'm worse than Hitler because I'm literally taking food out of modders mouths. I just got an e-mail from a forum boss who literally told me that "without adf.ly, modders would literally starve". Wow. Really?

Take that as you will. For me, it hurts to see someone like Lewis saying things like that. I don't think he quite understands that life isn't easy for everyone. Kitoari, a viewer of the Yogscast, not even a modder, posted the following in respone to Lewis. I agree with this person 100%. I must say, they quite simply took the words out of my mouth. (full post found [here])
This is coming from a viewer of the yogscast, not a modder, or even a member of these forums.

Here's an idea - you guys have ads, right? I think I see one on this page. How about YOU try to live on donations, hmm?

Oh right, there are goddamncharities that don't get enough donations for their budget. People just don't have the money these days, and if they do they probably are more worried about their own finances.

One other thing that the Yogscast have failed to acknowledged the fact that, in attacking modders using ads, they have been incredibly hypocritical. Their site is littered with ads, and on their Youtube videos you get to watch a 15-second long(three times the length of the wait on adf.ly) ad before you can view the video! In an e-mail to Lewis, I questioned that. His response, completely ignoring what I had said, was as follows:
Surely there are better ways of supplementing modders income if they are indeed, "starving". Maybe they could have some of the massive ad-revenue generated by all the adverts on the minecraft forums rather than resorting to malware-links?

The ad revenue for the Minecraft Forums isn't for modders, he doesn't seem to realize. The money for that goes towards paying Curse employee wages and to keep the place up. A simple response to this is simply to ask the Yogscast why they don't resort to donations or use their ad money to give to modders. My response stated that, and he has stopped replying to my e-mails.

I'll either be updating this post or making a new one over the next few days with updates on this all.

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