Jeb on Minecraft at Dreamhack!

Jeb on Minecraft at Dreamhack!


Dreamhack, the world's largest digital festival(and world record holder for the world's largest LAN party), is taking place this weekend! Jens, one of the developers working on Minecraft at Mojang AB, presented a talk on Minecraft and answered questions related to the future of it! You can find highlights of the talk below.

  • NPCs are in the works.

  • There are no plans for vast oceans.

  • There will not be any more new weapons.

  • Height limits are being experimented with, in terms of expansion.

  • If dragons are added, you will not be able to ride them. If you could ride them, it would be walking speed at most.

  • Cocoa trees.

Along with that, there were many more things talked about and questions answered! You can find the full presentation below. Part one includes Jens talking about Minecraft, technical challenges, and the future. Part two is the Q&A period with the audience. Thanks goes to Citricsquid for allowing us to use the links below.

Part One

Part Two

For our readers, what are your thoughts on this? Do you like what's being discussed about everything? Do you dislike it? Let us know!


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