Shortly after Guard published his article on the Brohoster situation, he received a phone call from who we assume to be Matt, the CEO of Brohoster, threatening legal action unless we took our article down.

IRC user JohnBooth made a handy transcript of the call:

Matt: I'm very confused...Information listed in here [inaudible] Because almost everything in there is incorrect.
Guard: Excuse me?
Matt: The article on your website, about brohoster being in shambles.. almost every fact inside that article is highly twisted and incorrect.
Guard: Is that so?
Matt: Yes, actually it is.
Guard: Our writers tend to follow on what is needed basis, and if is incorrect you're gonna have to contact the writing team at ([email protected])
Matt: Okay, because you do realize that I'm having my lawyers draft a cease and desist request at this time because this is actually highly, HIGHLY incorrect... Because we never, we never contacted ICANN to get the domain listing.
Matt: S.W.A.T.? Police? [hard to tell at this point -ed]
Guard: Okay sir. I'll get on it.
Matt: Yes, You will. And this article should be taken down.
Guard: I'll see what I can do about it.
Matt: Because this is my polite way of asking to take it down.
Guard: Okay. I'll get on it as soon as possible.
Matt: Okay thank you.
Guard: Bye.

The recording of the message can be found here. (bittorrent required)

Magnet: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:44F532DACD1F16EC51C1C7F8513ADE019D2996FE


You have previously told people who record incoming residential messages that the practice is (HIGHLY) illegal. I consulted our lawyer, and it appears Ohio is a one party notification state. Oh well.

Please redirect all your legal inquiries to [email protected] Please stop calling our staff members. Further calling will be considered harassment. Our article may be full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, but as for the facts, well, we are just reporting the information currently available, as we got it from the links provided. Our articles are the work of fans writing about the game they love, and their opinion is protected under United States law.


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