Nyan cat map in minecraft

Nyan cat map in minecraft

Written by : conqerer2
Go ahead. Pick a meme. Any meme. What's the first thing that pops into your head? Lazors? Barrel rolls? Challenges? How about a poptart cat? Yes, that one. The one that sings and sings and sings for hours on end.
The one that I know you all listen to while you play Minecraft and do your homework and balance your checkbooks. The Nyan Cat. Most of us have heard of it at some point. A few of you hate it. Some of you like it. A few people love it. And four or five people? They loooove it. Yes, in that way. The creepy, "I sleep with this playing loud enough to keep my neighbors awake" way. And a few of those people also happen to play Minecraft. Some of them have vast amounts of redstone. Other people... Jump around in a giant box after downloading the skin. But some people (We call them modders) Just can't let a game be. They have to go around breaking everything. Or making everything more awesome. You go ahead and take your pick. Personally, I'd love to see what happens with this. Although you people who sleep with this song playing still creep me out.


Although there is more to this mod then the nyan cat! Imagine the possibilities a cctv security camera, youtube player(silent sadly), or a welcoming film for the the people who you your server for the first time. All thanks to the wonder full minds off modders.

sk89q writes:

"Thanks to dested for figuring how the crazy code worked and Tahg for supplying the color set."

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/XD/

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