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If you enjoy Japanese anime or cartoons, you have probably also seen the famous and beautifully
made films of Studio Ghibli. Their works include the loved “My Neighbor: Totoro”, “Spirited Away”,
“Howl’s Moving Castle”, and “the Castle in the Sky”, just to name a few. They have always created artful
films that have riveting story lines and absolutely amazing animations. The characters are ones that
you will never forget and the stories are ones that are so simple yet complex, ones that any age could
understand. I grew up watching Studio Ghibli films and felt a huge wave of nostalgia as I saw Planet
Minecraft member, ozworkshop’s , breathtaking creation.

Ozworkshop was able to capture the beauty in all of Studio Ghibli’s films in one minecraft world. This
truly shows that if enough thought and effort is put forth when building in Minecraft, masterpieces
can sprout. Because of the detail and immense size of this creation, it is hard to imagine just how
spectacular it is without exploring the world yourself, which of course, you can download here:

If you do not wish to explore this amazing world, ozworkshop has provided a video with
a short glimpse at what is inside Studio Ghibli World:


Not much can be said without actually viewing the world yourself. It is too awe-inspiring for words. I
hope you will enjoy this creation as much as I have and I wish ozworkshop would make more amazing
creations like this! And of course all of this information was found on Planet Minecraft:

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