The dreamworld?

The dreamworld?

Remember the pictures of the flying island that Pcgamer got notch to publish?
In an interview Notch did on a Swedish show, he said it is to become Dreamworld.
When sleeping in a bed, you got a chance of waking up in this world filled with islands in the sky.
A follower on twitter suggested this use of them, since notch plan was to push the height limit up, and have the islands above the cloud layer.

There will be a way for you to get access to the dream world without sleeping, details are not confirmed yet. And notch is still unsure about how he will do it. Among the suggestions are.

- A gold bed, so that the users that want to sleep and not end up in dreamworld can use a regular bed.

-A lapis or glowstone portal.

-Staircase that ends in glowstone at the cloud layer, (maybe even a temple on top?)

-An item that is placed next to the bed, like a light or record that acts like a portal to the dreamworld when you sleep. (Among the ideas, hourglass of soulsand and sand.)

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