MinecraftCon 2011

MinecraftCon 2011

*UPDATED*Notch and his team are thinking of doing a minecraft conference in Las Vegas on 2011/11/11, due to lack of such an event this year and to celebrate the release of minecraft out of beta. All of Mojang will be there, and them "pushing out the final release live on stage or something.".
"There’d be contests (costume, speed building, whatever else), Q&A sessions, parties and awesome food and such. This would be a great opportunity to both celebrate the release, and to meet the fans up close again." -Notch
The cost would probably be around $90 for the entry fee and whatever cost your flight and hotel adds up to (my calculation from Finland came to a total over $1000). Go vote on notch's tumbler if you would come or not Notch's blog!

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/X3/

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