The Creeper Coaster

The Creeper Coaster

Last night I finally head back onto the CraftHub server to really take in how much I had lost after our server was hacked. Once entering my predictions were deemed right. I had started rather far back from where I previously was, and all progress from the past month was gone.

Still, this didn't stop me too much, so I started to look around for a new place to build. While I was looking, a donator named Crazher asked if i've seen the CreeperCoaster yet. I hadn't, so I went to take a look around and found this. [Above Image]. I was rather amazed to see something this large made entirely of wood, and so my first instinct was to take this bad boy for a ride. After getting a free cart from Crazher (Admins are rather poor in this case, but that might just be me), I took it for a ride. You can see what it looks like in the video below. Music belongs to C418, and the video footage was captured myself. I thought it was rather creative when you hit the highest point of the coaster, then you fall to the lowest depths of it. If you want to try this coaster for yourself, head over to and type /warp CreeperCoaster. If you liked this post, help by sharing it with your friends or commenting below! [Source]

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