J!NX.com's inside look at the Minecraft Photoshoot

J!NX.com's inside look at the Minecraft Photoshoot

Minecraft has come a long way. Back in August 2009, when I first started, Notch programmed Minecraft from inside his house. Now it's March 2011 and Minecraft has 5.7 million registered users and 1.8 million who bought the game. Now who would have thought Minecraft would have it's own merch line. Well, a lot of people would. With it's success and no revenue needed, it's shouldn't be that right, right? J!NX has teamed up with Minecraft to bring you the offical merch with a lot of shirts to choose from! Infact, J!NX made video from the photoshoot that's all about Minecraft!

[ Click to view YouTube video of photoshoot ]

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