Breaking Records

Breaking Records

Thanks to everyone who participated in the event yesterday! We managed to get an astounding 212 players online at the same time, which I am sure is a Bukkit/Minecraft first. We have taken the data from the event, and we are confident on a lag free experience during Weekend of Minecraft!   As requested by some, here are the server specs:
Dell PowerEdge T410 Dual Intel Xeon E5620 32GB DDR3 RAM 6x 250GB 7.2k RPM SATA Dell PERC (RAID10) Bukkit 531. Plugins: LoginQueue (Modified), Essentials, WorldEdit/Guard, iZones (Modified), mcMMO, LogBlock, DynamicMarket (Modified), iConomy (Modified), CraftBook, GroupManager, LWC, War.
  I will be updating this post with screenshots/videos from people during the event. Feel free to post in the comments!  

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