Wolves/Dogs coming soon!

Wolves/Dogs coming soon!

As you may have seen earlier today on Reddit or Twitter, Jens has been hard at work on wolves/dogs! As you can tell in the screenshot below, they... still need some work. I, for one, am extremely happy to see some new mobs being added.

What I'm mainly wondering is simply how will they be tamed/used to our advantage? Hopefully this means a step in the direction of some smarter mobs! Minecraft is in need of some mobs that have completely different actions than the rest(instead of simply walking around, or simply attacking you). This is likely just one of the new mobs to come in the near future as Minecraft's development grows.

For all of your readers, what's your opinion on this? Excited for what this could mean for future mobs? Disappointed that it wasn't pigmen next? Tell us what you think!

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