Show your creeper side (or spider, or chicken)

Show your creeper side (or spider, or chicken)

Something missing in Minecraft is the ability to really customize your character. We have a huge selection of skins to choose from, and they can go a long way to differentiating between you and the next guy on your favorite SMP server. What if you could customize your character's model as well?

That is what Avamod 3.0 offers us. Not too long ago Crafthub wrote about Capemod. This was an early stage of Avamod. Avamod is being developed by two of Crafthub's moderators, ddl2829 and noobidoo, and the Icemod creator JabJabJab.

"Avamod works much like Capemod did. It queries the web server with your username and returns an XML file containing your model ID. The client reads the ID from this file and sets your character model accordingly. It then queries the server to see if you have uploaded a custom skin for this model. If so it returns the skin and applies it, otherwise you use the default skin for that model. Capes show up when you are set to Human, though we will be updating it soon to show when you are any biped model."

The models available are as follows:

  • Human

  • Creeper

  • Skeleton

  • Zombie

  • Zombie Pigman

  • Spider

  • Cow

  • Chicken

  • Sheep (No fur)

  • Pig

  • Slime

In order to use Avamod you must first register an account on the Avamod website, your username must be the same as your Minecraft username (case sensitive!). From there you can download Avamod, upload custom monster skins, and select your character model.

In light of the many accounts being stolen I want to say that Avamod is and always will be 100% safe. The mod does not record your password or transmit it in any way. The password stored in the website database is encrypted and completely impossible to recover. We strongly encourage everyone to not use their actual Minecraft password on any system that requires a separate login, including ours, as a good habit to avoid having your account stolen by less secure or outright malicious systems.

This first release of Avamod is mainly aimed at those who make Minecraft videos. The need for controllable monsters seemed like a reasonable thing to implement first. Future plans for Avamod include truly custom character models that can be programmed into your XML file, and addons like glasses, wings, watches, and other such items.

Any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions for Avamod can be left in the comments below, on our thread at the MinecraftForum, or on the Crafthub forum thread.

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