Control your own turret on Minecraft!

Control your own turret on Minecraft!

Can things get any more awesome for Minecraft? Yes, it can. Prolific Minecraft modder djoslin has created a usable turret (among other things)! Seriously, you can add cannons,explode-ablecannons, TNT, arrows, and other stuff. It's mounted, so all you need to do is drop the desiredammunition, much like drop things in chest, and off you go! It's way more accurate than a bow and arrow and does more damage. The explode-able cannonballs can burn down forests while the other cannonballs can knock down blocks. This turret is a must have if you want to defend your fortress. I highly recommendchecking out this guys work. Not only has he created this amazing turret -- but also a rope, redstone-transmitter, trapdoors, pitfall, and tripwire. And I haven't listed everything he's made.

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