Website makes designing recipes easier!

Website makes designing recipes easier!

Are you a modder? Do you have trouble creating the custom recipe infograph for your viewers? Well.. fear no more! With the modding API coming soon, and of what we have now! This website called Minecraft Recipe Designer does that it says! All you need to do is input your tools needed for the job and the output will be a graphical view of what is needed. No more fiddling around in Paint or Photoshop.

[caption id="attachment_4139" align="alignnone" width="575" caption="Creating my own recipe to show others!"][/caption]

The creater of the site emailed me giving a great introduction:

I got sick and tired of trying to describe to people my ideas for minecraft recipes so I decided to build a minecraft recipe designer during some quiet time at work. You might find it useful for sharing ideas about new items, or just for fun.

[ Visit Minecraft Recipe Designer ]

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