Toadstool Tower now in Minecraft!

Toadstool Tower now in Minecraft!

I can't help but share myexcitementwhenever I see buildings from (old) games put into Minecraft. Cyprezz, owner/creator of Minecraft Planet, has built the Toadstool Tower. We gotta say, it's really awesome. The aspect and colors really make it vibrant and I'm just dieing for an interior showing. Anyways, the cool thing about this project is that it's hosted on Minecraft Planet. That being said, you'll be able to view all the neat things about this project such as project details, gallery of images, save files, and more. I encourage you all to check it out.

Cyprezz says:

This is Toadstool Tower. It starts at the water level and the very top torch is the last block before the height limit of the map. The name comes from the toad shaped shrubbery that overlooks the tower.

The tower is fully furnished. The main hall features a fireplace, kitchen, library, tables, couch, and a entry way into the mineshaft below the tower. A series of rooms spiral up until you're forced to climb ladders to reach the highest tower.

We'll post the schematic & world save this weekend. Just need some time to prune the map.

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