Weekend of Minecraft

Weekend of Minecraft

You may or may not have heard yesterday that I announced an event that me and Visiiri are organizing. 'Weekend of Minecraft' is an event taking place on the weekend of March 26/27(and possibly starting on the evening of March 25 with some preliminary stuff). It will be a stream that will be running during that period of time with as little downtime as possible. Every once in a while, the stream will be passed over to someone new(schedule coming soon!). Both Mojang and deadmau5 will also visit for a bit, at some point during the event!

There are going to be very many prizes which will be given out at different times during the stream. These include things such as shirts, Minecraft beta keys, cash, possibly some Steam games, and more(...and a creeper thong)! CraftHub is also supplying some of these prizes, so yay! A prize list is coming soon, once we organize every single prize.

Two servers will be set up for the event. One will be private, and the other public(and yes, there will be moderators there. That means stay away, griefers!). I'm interested to see what people can come up with in a weekend. In order to get on the private server, you can post a video response to the video below.

You can find more information here: http://weekendofminecraft.net/

If you have any questions, messages, concerns( :( ), or anything else related to the event, you can e-mail me at[email protected] or tweet me @Micleee.

Short url : http://crafthub.net/blog/W7/

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