Ice Mod Gives The Chills.

Ice Mod Gives The Chills.

With the addition of the nether, Notch inspired countless new mods. Finally, a complement to the Nether has been created by Crafthub member, Jabjabjab. Starting as just an idea created by a friend, Jab later devoted himself to completing the Ice Mod. He started with a simple changing of textures but was so inspired by it's appearance, that what started as just an experiment soon became the full fledged addon known as Ice Mod. [caption id="attachment_3905" align="alignnone" width="632" caption="Jab's World in all its icy glory."][/caption]

Jab's world, nicknamed Pagamos, was revealed on the Minecraft forums earlier today. Surprisingly enough, this was Jab's first attempt at modding, but certainly not the last. When asked about future plans, he says that we can expect to see his interpretation of Minecraft Heaven, entitled : Heather. I leave you with a few video's showcasing Jab's mod.

For more information on the Ice Mod, check Jabjabjab's forum topic.

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