Entitlement issues, complaints, etc.

Entitlement issues, complaints, etc.

Recently, I've been reading the Minecraft Forums quite a bit. Much of the posts lately have been complaints and people whining about what they're 'entitled to' and such. I've made a thread to attempt to explain things to some of these people, and I thought I'd share it with all of you as well. Any updates to this will be posted in its thread on the Minecraft forums, which can be found [here].

The Blog

To start, I'd like to address everyone complaining about Notch's blog having personal things on it. It is his personal blog, and clearly states that: "This is my personal blog, but it's like 95% about Minecraft development." A Minecraft-specific blog is in the works, and will be built-in to the new version of the launcher which is in the works, and will likely also be on a web page somewhere.

The 'New Game'/Notch 'not working on Minecraft'

The 'new game' isn't being developed by Notch. It's mainly being made by JahKob, and Junkboy is helping with the art/graphical section of it(and iirc, they're still searching for another developer to help out with it). More information on this game is coming soon, likely within the next few weeks. This hasn't hindered Notch's development of Minecraft in any way, and it won't. Notch & Jeb's main focus is Minecraft.

Notch/Mojang 'goof off' instead of working on Minecraft

I've seen quite a lot of people being angry/frustrated about Notch/Mojang 'goofing off' instead of working on Minecraft. I don't see any problem with Mojang playing games(example being Civ V in most complaint posts) or playing games in the office(nerf guns). The people at Mojang like to have fun, just as anyone. Like most of the people who frequent these forums, they often play video games and things like that. I see how it can be taken as they're doing things such as that instead of working on Minecraft, but anyone who truly believes that, I mean no offense to you, but you're just a complete idiot. They work on Minecraft/the other game more than they play games. During breaks, after-hours, etc. is when they usually would do these things. Work gets stressful, and a good work environment makes it all the better. I absolutely hated it when I had to work jobs in a terrible environment where we never got to do anything fun. I was overall less productive, and generally worked slower. Now, my point being here is basically that Notch and the rest of Mojang playing games and having fun does not slow development of either of the games.

'I'm entitled to X!'

To start, I completely understand anyone who makes this argument, but I have to say that you are wrong. I, much like a lot of you, had this mindset for a day. I just wasn't having a good day in general, and needed somewhere to vent some anger(place being Notch). Older members of the community will remember this, and I'd rather not get into details for those of you who don't. Now, to start, you legally are entitled to nothing. The terms and conditions clearly states "When you purchase the game, you pay for it as it is right now. Future updates are an added bonus." The fact that this may or may not have been added in at a later date is irrelevant. By playing the game after the terms and conditions are changed, you agree to the new terms and conditions. Mojang holds the right to stop development at any time. This does not mean that they will, however. This is something to due with legal issues in the event something bad happens or an event happens that makes development come to a halt. This will most likely never happen.

Mojang never updates Minecraft! / I never get help with my support issues!

This has to be the thing I'm most angry about. Most of you do not realize how many things are going on at once for Notch and everyone at Mojang. They've just finished setting up a company and moving into an office(which is still being renovated), and things take time. Minecraft still gets regular updates, and the speed will increase now that both Notch and jeb are working on Minecraft together. The business-side of things will be ironed out and things in that sense will speed up soon, also increasing the speed of development. I'd also like to point out how new this is to Notch and many people at Mojang. This was originally a small side-project for Notch to see if he'd be able to earn any money off of developing games(and you can see that he can), and it grew quite quickly to something he did not expect. He's learning how to deal with problems that come with this, one of the major things being support. Mojang now has an official bug-tracker set up, which organizes common problems, questions, and ideas. The support side of things is slowly being improved, and will also become much faster. People sending irrelevant e-mails to the wrong address also makes Mojang spend time going through e-mails which have no valid information, wasting their time. What I'm trying to say here is that development speed is increasing, as is support. Mojang is working their hardest to improve on all areas, and it just takes time.

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