Myth-busting and experiments.

Myth-busting and experiments.

Recently, due to myself trying to make pigmen fly, it was brought to my attention by my followers on Twitter that many other people often attempt experiments to see if something is possible in Minecraft. Often, this includes busting myths, which range from something as simple as TNT breaking obsidian, to seeing if it is possible to extinguish fires with snowballs.

A video of myself attempting to make 'pigmen' fly via various means, and utterly failing to do so.

These sorts of videos are something that really just make you think about what Minecraft achieve. Experiments, sometimes very elaborate and complex, are usually fun to create or watch. These can often be as simple as making a single TNT block launch as far as possible, or can be using complex redstone logic gates to create something spectacular.

An example of an incredibly complex experiment.

In the future, especially with new redstone-triggered blocks becoming available, such as the note block, these sort of experiments will continue to get more elaborate. As well, with a block that adds more compact redstone use(delayers, repeaters, etc.) coming in the near future, these experiments will also become more feasible for people. If they become easier to create, the complex experiments will just reach new levels.

If you have any sort of 'experiment' or video of you busting some sort of myth, feel free to leave it in the comments.

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