McMyAdmin Passes 1000 Simultaenous Online Servers!

McMyAdmin Passes 1000 Simultaenous Online Servers!

In a recent post on the Minecraft forums, PhonicUK, the developer of the popular server mod has stated that over 1000 servers are running his software at any given time! This doesn't include the estimated 100 servers that have opted out of sending data. PhonicUK is not new to Crafthub, recently getting a lot of attention for his claim of living off his Minecraft earnings. PhonicUk's future seems bright, especially considering the fact that McMyAdmin has been gaining 50 new clients daily. To see an up to date server list, check out PhonicUK's site.

PhonicUK's post on the Mincraft forums:

Earlier today, the McMyAdmin server tracker recorded over 1000 simultaneous online servers for the first time! And this doesn't include servers that have opted-out of sending telemetry data. I estimate the total number to be around 1100.

Now, how should I celebrate? ;)

That's approximately 1 McMyAdmin server per 1000 Minecraft players!

You can see the data yourself at - see the Statistics tab.

Over the last month the growth has been much faster than normal, with more than 50 new servers using McMyAdmin every single day.

So I'd like to thank everyone who uses and supports McMyAdmin, and look forward to making a 2000 server post soon.

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