Minecraft hits 1 million sales!

Minecraft hits 1 million sales!

Just today, Minecraft has hit the 1 million sales mark! Originally being developed by a single person(with little help from others), Minecraft has grown to something quite huge, for what it is. Just back in February 2010, Minecraft had only sold 6000copies. Currently, Minecraft sells over that amount in a single day. Along with the 1 million sales mark, Minecraft has landed itself onWikipedia's List of best-selling PC video games

The one millionth customer also received this cape!

Perhaps the most amazing fact about this all is that it has all be done sans-publisher. All releases and distribution of Minecraft have been handled by Mojang. The only 'advertising' the game has received was simply via word of mouth. The growth Minecraft has achieved is something a lot of developers wish for, and it will likely only get better in the future. Minecraft's development has been one of the largest indie game development success stories, and has provided inspiration for many people.

Citricsquid has created a neat little site relating to all of this. What the site does is shows every skin of every player that is added to it. The site, called 'onemillionminecrafters' can be found [here].

All of that said, Minecraft's future is definitely looking bright. I, for one, look forward to what Mojang has in store for the remainder of this year.

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